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Full on Graditude In Hurricane Season!

Chers Amis, Bonjour d’Uzés !!!

The 26th of August marked the 24 year anniversarie of Hurricane Andrew, during which I very narrowly escaped being crushed to death by an enormous water oak tree which was pushed down by a tornado within this hurricane. The falling of this tree did do much destruction to my little “Maison de Dimanche “ where I was living in at the time, which like me, happily did recover from this very traumatic event. If the tree had not hit dead center on the very strong full masonry double fireplace chimney, which did much to break its fall, I would not have had the many great experiences of my life of the last 24 years.

My gratitude list of treasured post Hurricane Andrew experiences of the past 24 years is a long one! Certainly I can list meeting a number of dear new friends who have done much to enrich my life. Then I would have to list the creation of and the life in my tower at Lake Martin. Then as of 2002, the beginning of a real French life with the acquisition of # 3 Place du Duché, in Uzés. Yes, if the tree had chosen to fall 2 ft to the left or to the right of the chimney, I would have missed out on a lot of fun experiences!!

This August the 29th marks the 10th year anniversarie of Hurricane Katrina. So very many people were affected by this event! So much restoration of the architectural and landscape heritage of New Orleans has been necessary, not to mention the equally huge task of the restoration of the minds, bodies and spirits of the inhabitants.

New Orleanians can have gratitude that there has not been another Katrina event in the last decade and that much was learned from that experience and if a similar challenge arises, new methods of dealing with it will be employed.

So with summer winding down and the gulf coast in full hurricane season, we have much to be grateful for!

Tres cordialement, Robert d’Uzés

See following photos of some of the art and architecture I have been able to enjoy in the last 24 years since Hurricane Andrew.

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  1. Interesting history and superb pictures. Thank you for posting.
    Angela S.

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