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18th C. Boiserie paneling: a delicious medium of Bon Gout

Chers Amis de l’Ecole du Bon Gout,  Today’s subject is French 18th century boiserie paneling and its adaption and reinstallation in new settings.

In the following photographs you will see “before and after photos” of  three different projects. These involved using some salvaged antique 18th century boiserie panels interspersed with newly composed rectangular sections made on site with “store bought” plywood and ready made moldings. These additions were made to fill out the required spaces dictated by the existing wall areas.  Lining up and mimicking the sizes of the important elements of the old panels is the key to success. Once it is all painted and the new work distressed, the entire wall and or room will pass for original material.

Also find here for your consideration 18th century panels at Au Vieux Paris in photos 6, 7, & 8. These could be used to dramatically transform three different rooms. Not shown, but also availible at Au Vieux Paris are several unique individual elements, which could be used beautifully as over-mantles,  over-doors or ????

Personally, I don’t know of a more certain or delicious way to evoke the ambience and feeling of an 18th century French chateau than with walls of 18th century boiserie paneling . Quel bon gout!!!

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Mes Amities,
Robert E. Smith

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