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The surface you live on!

Chers Amis de L’Ecole du Bon Goût, I have always counseled my clients to choose carefully their flooring material because not only do you look at it, like you do the walls and the ceiling, but it is also the only surface of any room that you are in constant physical contact with!!

Here in Provence there is seemingly never a boring floor to walk on indoors or out! Even public streets and sidewalks are often of very interesting materials and sometimes of centuries old installation. Natural materials like stone, marble, “terre cuite”, and various hardwoods have been the preferred choice for flooring since man moved out from his cave dwelling. In their presentation these natural materials can run the gamut from quite rustic to the “plus ultimate” in refinement depending on their format and final finish achieved by the craftsmen involved in their creation.

I have “almost always” used recycled antique flooring in my personal projects. I say “almost” because in the last project I did here in France for myself, I used a newly quarried but then hand “aged” stone flooring which I find successfully reproduces the look of antique stone flooring without the difficultly of installation and expense the truly old stone flooring demands.

See following photographs of some finished flooring installations, followed by samples of similar flooring materials available for purchase today on order from Au Vieux Paris Antiques.

Tres Cordialement, Robert

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