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Chers Amis de L’Ecole du Bon Gout.


With winter’s arrival our daily patterns change and we spend more time indoors. On a gloomy rainy day or a blustering cold night, almost nothing can provide more comfort and delight than an open fire in your fireplace…It must be a primordial connection! 

To heighten this experience of site, sound, smell and touch one can add the pleasures of a fire back to the fireplace. It functions to project more heat out of the fireplace, protect the bricks at the rear of the foyer and of course in the theatrical light of the flickering fire, the images on the fire back entertain the eyes!

Now at Au Vieux Paris Antiques, we have a varied selection of fire backs in different sizes, images and styles ranging from Renaissance to Louis XVI. Plan a visit soon or visit the website to see these and other treasures to enhance your daily living this winter season.

Merci cordialement,
Robert E. Smith

Au Vieux Paris Antiques

A fire back dated 1711 in an early 18th c. fireplace.

Two fire backs, cast pig iron, with the family crest of the royal house of the Bourbon kings of France. 

18th century fire back, cast pig iron, a rare model with the ability to attach an iron shelf for cooking.

A classic image of the Bourbon Arms.

A contemporary reuse svp

18th century cast pig iron, stylized fleur des Lis indicating princely ownership. 

Late 18th century – early 19th century fire backs cast iron

Late 18th century fire backs cast pig iron, from the same house with Cathar symbolism.

Note Bourbon arms and extreme patina of age

Two Renaissance fire backs to each side and a late 17th century fire back in the center with the family crest of the royal house of the Bourbon Kings of France. 

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