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Wall to wall beauty and interest under your feet!!!

Chers Amis de L’Ecole du Bon Gout,         

 Bonjour d’Uzes!

 Every time I arrive in France after being away for two months in Louisiane, I am totally struck by the beautiful, diverse and always interesting flooring surfaces which abound in France seemingly everywhere!  

   Many French train stations have better flooring than most “upscale” houses in America!! 

It is probably the fact that here, beginning at least since Roman times, flooring has been a truly valued subject .  This was exemplified recently by complex pictorial marble mosaics floors ( circa 50 B.C.) excavated two blocks from my home where I am writing this blog! 

  It is good to realize that in any given interior we see the walls and see the ceiling, but we both see and actually touch the flooring which therefore automatically gives it a hierarchy in the impact of the experience of the room.   

  At Au Vieux Paris Antiques we offer a diverse selection of antique terra cotta tiles, aged re-edition stone slabs of various textures and colors, as well as the most amazing re-edition of parquet de Versailles I have ever seen.  

 Below are photos of a selection of just some of these materials, but a visit to our Pavillion Cote Sud flooring showroom in Breaux Bridge will give you a full on appreciation of these splendid materials!!      

 Merci Cordialment, Robert

Au Vieux Paris Antiques
1040 Henri Penne Rd.
Breaux Bridge, LA 70517

Marble mosaic flooring circa 50 B.C., recently excavated two blocks from my home here!

The sample showroom at Au Vieux Paris Antiques in Breaux Bridge.

 Rustic re-edition pave (cobblestone) which has a wonderful blend of colors which is great for driveways and parking areas.

Classic cream colored aged octagonal stones with black marble cabochons.
 An amazing re-edition of parquet de Versailles seen at the upper right corner, superimposed on 18th c parquet.

One selection of our several species of re-edition hand aged stone flooring ranging in various colors and textures.

Antique “yellow” terra-cotta tiles.
Antique “red” terra-cotta tiles.
Old Heritage Beige with its deep texturing  is ideal for pool side, outdoor walks and patios where wet conditions would ordinarily produce a slippery surface on many materials.
Re-edition Barr de Bourgogne is a favorite because of its gently varied warm colors and textures.   
One re-edition panel of parquet de Versailles superimposed on an 18th c floor.

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