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Vase Médicis: Very Classic Bon Goût

Bronze bust of Cosme lère de Médicis, 1548 by Cellini

Vase Médicis: Very Classic Bon Goût

Bonjour de L’Ecole du Bon Goût.

Since Greek and Roman times garden vases in various materials have been an important contribution to landscape compositions.

Today we usually call them Vase Médicis after the powerful Médicis family of Renaissance times in Italy.

Louis XIV commissioned dozens upon dozens of vases in marble, guided lead and bronze especially for Versailles and Marly.

He gave these commissions to the greatest sculptors of the day, which shows how important these vases were to him.

Garden vases also can be very tasty punctuations for interior settings, bringing some of the “garden’s joys” indoors.

At Au Vieux Paris Antiques, there is a diverse selection of vases to choose from, so plan a visit and see these tasty vases as well as the rest of the current stock of antiques!

Cordialement, Robert

Bronze bust of Cosme lère de Médicis, 1548 by Cellini
Bronze bust of Cosme lère de Médicis, 1548 by Cellini
Some of the vase Médicis available at Au Vieux Paris Antiques.
One of Louis XIV’s many marble vases for his favorite country retreat of Chateau Marly, displayed today in the Cour Marly of the Musee’ Louvre.
Classic 19th C cast iron model
A suite of 6 nearly identical vase Médicis in cast iron.
This vase has roots that go beyond the Renaissance to classical Roman models.
Pairs and singles available.
Particularly large and beautifully patine pair in cast iron.
One of a suite of six vase Médicis planted with humble begonia at my own home.

Consider bringing some classical Bon Goût into your life by using Vase Médicis!

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