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Côte de Texas

Chers Amis de Bon Gout, Bonjour!

Mme. Joni Web writes a very tasty blog called Côte de Texas” which I believe you will find interesting.   Joni asked me to do a blog on my Pavillon home at Lake Martin and I agreed.  Well, her blog is just spectacular!! Read her post here.

See below how Joni describes herself and also a link to her blog .

Merci Cordialement,
Robert E Smith
337 332 2852.           

Côte de Texas
Au Vieux Paris Antiques
Ecole de Bon Gout

Joni wrote the following about herself:

I’m a blogger, interior designer, and a wife and mother.

I’ve been blogging this month – 9 years.

I write about design, concentrating on Southern interior design using French, Swedish and English antique furniture mixed with casual and textural decor like sea grass, wicker, linen, and slipcovers mixed with gilt mirrors, crystal sconces & chandeliers, lanterns, velvet & silk.
Beside interior design, I write about historical properties, royalty, Hollywood and whatever piques my attention that day.

I love to read and am addicted to social media such as twitter, tumblr, and bloggers.

Pavillon Home at Lake Martin
Pavillon Home at Lake Martin


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